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If you are planning to choose Hotel Galini at Skala Eressos for your accommodation in lesvos, you will have the chance to swim in one of the most beautiful beaches in Lesvos. This is a place you will certainly enjoy crystal clear sea water , a  magnificent sandy beach, and a lot of water sports, like windsurfing and waterskiing. 

From all the beaches in Lesvos, Eressos beach has been distinguished by the E.U. Authorities as one of the most beautiful and clean beaches of Greece. You can enjoy lunching or dinning at the seaside restaurants savouring local specialities or taking your evening drinks in the cozy bars along the beach.



Plenty of restaurants and bars are sitting on beach platforms along the seaside promenade offering nice food and drinks to the visitor adding to the enjoyment of your  holidays in Lesvos.
If your choice of accommodation in Lesvos is Hotel Galini at Skala Eressos, you will have the chance to enjoy the traditional tastes of Lesvos at their best quality. Dine, drink, relax and have a good time in one of  Eresosą seaside restaurants or bars as it doesnąt require a car for your moving.
Eressos also offers its visitors a variety of other attractions and opportunities to engage in many activities.
Behind the church of St. Andreas you may visit the ruins of an early-Christian church with beautiful well maintained mosaic floor.
On the western side of the beach - Afenteli -there are ruins of another early-Christian church.
You can enjoy walking on the footpaths in the surrounding hills where the view is marvellous.
The ruins of a pre-Hellenic wall, a small Roman cistern, and the ruins of medieval watch towers are preserved at the top of the hill of Vigla overlooking the village of Skala Eressos.
You may also enjoy a walk along the banks of Psaropotamos river where a variety of local wildlife such as tortoises, herons and other water birds may be observed.


Alternatively you may explore the meandering footpaths crisscrossing the flower rich olive and fig tree groves of Eressos. The Pithari monastery overlooking the magnificent water reservoire is definitely a wonderful site to visit because it is considered to be one of the most rare inner land sights in Lesvos. One may also visit some of the remote little churches, scattered around the green fields and hills of Eressos.

Among other points of interest one may site the two Byzantine monasteries of Moni Ipsilou and Moni Perivolis, with exceptional frescos.
A walk in the village of Eressos and its lanes may help you discover old stoned fountains as well as the wood-carved icon screens of St. Irene's and Virgin Mary churches. Take a rest in the beautiful village square with the traditional coffee houses and restaurants shaded by age old plane trees.


Daily excursions in Lesvos:
If you enjoy country walks there is a signed trekking path (14 klm.) from Eressos to Sigri passing through the lonely sandy beach of Tsichlionda.
Going to Sigri by car you can make a stop to visit the monastery "Ipsilou", and visit also the unique Petrified Forest of Lesvos considered to be the biggest in the world.
When you arrive at Sigri you may visit the Natural History Museum. Having done that, you can treat yourself to  ouzo and fresh seafood at its picturesque port.


 Photo: Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

When you decide to visit the near by village of Mesotopos, a well maintained traditional village, you should try to taste the traditional "fruit preserves" and Greek coffee in the main square. Near Mesotopos there is the beach of Krousos where you can swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy a lunch in the small canteen which serves amazing local delicacies or enjoy delicious fresh sea food at nearby Tavari.
A very interesting destination is the beach of Kampos, near Andissa, with its dunes and high beach waves. For lunch you may try Calliope's tavern, at Tsamour Limani and afterwards visit Ovriokastro, to admire it's strange landscape.

For longer excursions you may try to visit the picturesque villages of Molyvos, Agiassos, Sikaminia, Plomari and the ancient temple of Messon near Agia Paraskevi.

On the way back you may also visit Mitilini,the capital city of Lesvos,with its excellent neoclassical buildings, its museums, and the noisy but fascinating market.



Last a visit  to any of the thermal springs of Eftalou, Thermi, Lisvori, Polichnitos and Therma, in the Gulf of Gera, offers you the opportunity for the special experience of a natural hot spring water "hamam".

Photo: Tzeli Hadjidimitriou


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